We provide students** with a general understanding of the main processes associated with the Purchasing strategy, allowing them to recognise and deploy the major challenges of the Purchasing function and its position across the company (organisational business development and alignment to upper issues), we deliver structured development approaches on one side, and the methodologies to gain personal credibility on purchasing maturity when facing sales professionals in the context of their professional careers, on the other side.

At a later stage, we give students, the appropriate tools and methods for tackling operational decisions on the tactical choices to pursue in the context of purchasing goods or services. We provide them with a keen sense of professional legitimacy at work on project situations where different types of market participants are jointly involved (marketing, purchasing, manufacturing, finance managers, etc…).

* The full presentation is an International version, available in English only.

Strategy development; purchasing practice; risk management; supplier partnership; purchasing performance measurement;strategy deployment;

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